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What Applicants Are Saying
"Your help with me is greatly appreciated. Everyone has been wonderful and I never had such a great experience with any other agency."  Emily G.

"Thanks for all your help. You guys are great!  I've really enjoyed the assignments you have sent me on. Thanks again for keeping me busy." Sylvia C.


"You made the interview process very comfortable for me, and I appreciate the time you took to help me express my skills and aptitudes.  It's comforting to know that in such a competitive job market that there are still people like you willing to help others achieve success." Phuong T.


"I want to thank you for vour advice during the testing period. Being tested is never easy. but Ideal's policy on testing certainly made it fun for me! I learned a lot yesterday!" Monica M.


"You have been instrumental in giving me back my confidence and self-esteem" C. Ali


"Thank you for helping me gain some experience and allowing me to earn some extra bucksl" Nina G.


"Thank you for all your time and effort on my behalf.  I couldn't be more thrilled with the treatment I received at Ideal Personnel, and I happily pass along glowing recommendations at every opportunity." Pamela H.


"I just wanted to send a little note to thank you for all the constant support I have received. I have been with your agency for just a little over a year now and have never once had a problem, actually I have had outside problems and your agency has been behind me the entire time. I have been taken care of in many ways and reassured that I am not in the wrong and felt I should say Thank You! Ideal Personnel is a truely wonderful agency and I promote it to EVERYONE I know who doesn't like what they are doing or who they are working for. Thank you!" Genevieve D