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Client Services
We Provide Permanent, Contract and Temporary Staffing in English, French, German and Spanish for candidates in a wide variety of areas including but not limited to administration, reception, customer care, finance/accounting, marketing, logistics, operations, human resources, health & safety, payroll and benefits in both management and support positions.
Ideal's Unique Client Services
We offer comfortable interviewing offices that afford convenience and confidentiality should you choose to conduct your selection process away from your place of business.
Personal contact at your premises, to assist us in determining your exact requirements and in locating the most suitable candidates - the personal touch.
Ideal's own customized and continually upgraded computer systems for applicant testing, evaluation and training on all current software applications.
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The Ideal Applicant
Is selected by in-depth interviewing, skills testing, in both French & English and thorough reference checking.
Receives tests and interviews designed not only to indicate the applicant's skills, but to evaluate such things as attitude, ability, aptitude, and interests specifically related to both your job requirement and location.
Is screened and tested not to eliminate them as prospective employees, but rather to properly place them in a position most suited to their capabilities.
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Tips for Ideal Temps
Place your order early!  Especially for holiday relief.  We both benefit by planning ahead.   However, this doesn't overlook those emergency situations when you need someone A.S.A.P.  We will fill those needs as well.
If training is advisable, be sure to allow a sufficient overlap.
Welcome your Ideal temporaries and introduce them to their co-workers.
Inform them of company policies, lunch hours, facilities, etc.
Explain job duties and procedures completely.
Check their work periodically and let them know assistance is available.
Record performance evaluations accurately -- they will be mutually beneficial.
Contact your consultant or the Manager of the Temporary Division should you have any questions or concerns.
Benefits of Contract Employment
Cost effective
Highly qualified, experienced professionals
Transfer in-depth knowledge from situation to situation and industry to industry
Reach maximum levels of productivity with minimal training
A wealth of experience and a new perspective to your corporate structure
An opportunity to assess the need for permanent head count approval for a specific position while at the same time evaluating the contract employee for potential permanent employment.
Situations Where Contract Employees are Needed:
Implementation of a new system or program
Sick Leave
Maternity Leave
Acquisition / Merger
Departure of key employee
Hiring Freeze
Fill in during search or as "tryouts"
Relocation of Operations
What is Outsourcing?
"The sharing of responsibility for all or part of an organization's internal functions with a third party"
Why Outsource?
Lower costs
Single accountability for results
Costs converted from fixed assets to variable
Reduced training requirements for specialties
Greater management focus on core business activities
Resolve staff shortages
Resolve pay inequities
Reduced headcounts
Reduced payroll taxes
Greater flexibility in rapidly increasing or decreasing scale where needed
Key Items to Consider
Make sure you know your goals before getting into outsourcing
Don't outsource critical or core functions that give you a competitive advantage
Make sure savings could not be achieved in house on your own
Ensure you have a plan for employees affected by outsourcing
Make sure you have the right to revert, with transition support
Try a few smaller unimportant functions before moving up the outsourcing "food chain"
Ensure an internal resource is responsible for auditing and assurance
Ensure backup plans that work are in place
Choose an experienced and established agency to ensure expected results