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Mistakes on resumes can sabotage your chances of obtaining interviews: Once your resumé lands in the hands of an employer, any mistakes on that resume make it almost impossible for you to repair the ensuing damage. You probably know that typographical, spelling and grammatical errors rank among the top blunders people make. Contributing to the problem is unwarranted faith in computer spell checking. Computers may not be able to choose the correct 'their' or 'there' or between 'to', 'too' and 'two'. And what perturbs and worries employers is lack of careful proofreading, resulting in bloopers. The employer is likely to wonder whether an applicant this careless now will be a smart hire.


How long do employers spend reviewing your resume?  Researchers are finding that a resume may have only five to ten seconds to grab an employer's attention.  When preparing your résumé think of it as an advertisement that markets your skills and accomplishments relevant to the position. Recent research reveals that objectives limit the opportunities for the candidate and they are frustrating for the employer who may want your skills but is unable to place you in the position you targeted if you lead off your résumé with an objective.  In lieu of an objective writing a headline just under your contact information that says who you are and what you do, much like a newspaper headline, shouts out what you have to offer an employer.  Think about what distinguishes you from others and what will garner attention.  To strengthen this approach follow the headline with a point form skills summary or profile targeted to the position and you will have made your résumé easier and more interesting to read.  And don't forget to research the company so that customizing your resume is genuine and memorable in a first-class way


Here are some of employers' pet peeves when reading resumes:  'too duty oriented' (reads like a job description and fails to explain accomplishments); dates not included, or inaccurate dates; unprofessional e-mail address; resumes that are too long; paragraphs as opposed to bullet-points; candidates who apply to positions for which they are not qualified; meaningless objectives or introductions; resumes sent in .pdf, .zip files, faxed, Web page resumes; resumes written in either first or third person; and gaps in employment.

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