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Remember - your timesheet is your responsibility
– not the clients’.
Tips for Successfully Completing your Timesheet

Please ensure that your completed timesheet is submitted to our office each Friday afternoon (or at the completion of your assignment, if earlier that week).Timesheets are generated each week – please refer to the weekending date at the top left-hand corner of the timesheet to ensure that you are completing the appropriate timesheet. If your assignment continues even 1 day into the following week, a new timesheet will be generated – do not incorporate two weeks’ work into one timesheet!


Completed timesheets include tallied hours per day and per week, with an authorized signature. Please work, and calculate hours, to the nearest quarter-hour.For example, 8:15; 4:45.


Lunch-breaks are not paid! Please ensure that you have deducted your lunch-breaks accordingly. Also, companies may have varied morning and afternoon “break” regulations. Should your assignment allow breaks, please do not work through them and then incorporate it into your lunch-break or your leaving time at the end of the day. Remember – try to fit into their schedule – don’t try to bend their schedule to accommodate you.


If your supervisor is unavailable to sign your timesheet on Friday afternoon, call in your hours.The signed timesheet (and only in this case) may then be submitted by Monday morning, no later than 11:00 a.m.


If you have not received your timesheet by Thursday afternoon (or prior to completion of your assignment that week), simply call our office. Have a fax number ready for us and we will fax a timesheet directly to you.


If you have faxed your timesheet to our office, we suggest a quick call to ensure that we have received it.


If we do not receive your timesheet by 11:00 a.m. Monday, you will not get paid until a signed timesheet is received.

Download Timesheet

If you urgently require a timesheet for a current job, you may print this form and use it to record your time and client confirmation in the usual way.