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"People can alter their lives by altering their attitudes." ...William James

Here are some Basic Tips for Interviews:
This is your opportunity to present the facts about yourself in an organized and confident way.
No where should you be more courteous than during an interview.
Always address the interviewer formally.
Never smoke during an interview.
Don't interrupt while the interviewer is talking.
Never chew gum.
Shake hands firmly.
Make eye contact.
Always stand up when being introduced to a potential co-worker.
Don't put your personal belongings on an interviewer's desk.
Look the Part!! Always take the time to present yourself in an attractive professional image.
Ask questions to learn everything you can about the job and assess the employer's needs. Then use this information to sell yourself into the job.
Remember: Making mistakes in interviews is expected, after all you're only human. Going to as many interviews as possible can greatly improve your performance.

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